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12 Bridges Gin

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Nose: The nose is somewhat sweet, but has a bit of heat from the alcohol, and carries with it a bit of juniper, citrus and grain scent. The gin looks fairly clear, but has some syrupy quality to it that coats the glass.

Taste: Initial taste is a touch minerally, with some citrus oil and juniper and some warming spice and salt to the taste. It is a bit astringent, but also has a sweetness to it as one of the first flavors that hits the mouth. Juniper and cardamom and oddly also some floral notes akin to rosewater follow.

Finish: There is some bitter, pithy citrus, as well some citrus oil (probably orange and lemon) and that contributes some bitter and earthy notes to an otherwise mostly mineral and cardamom finish. This is an odd one in that it hits salt as well as bitter and sweet. Overall, I’d call it a touch medicinal, but it is a pleasant gin.

Notes: It makes a refreshing gin and tonic and a fine Martini. An enjoyable summer gin. I’ve not tried it, yet, with gin-forward pre-prohibition cocktails. However I look forward to the experiment.

12 Bridges Gin, (Integrity Spirits, Portland, Oregon); 90 proof, $26.25 in Oregon Liquor Stores

(Sample provided by Mr. Boozenik’s wallet)


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  1. -erick says:

    I did try it with some recipes from Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails. Namely the French 75. Not so good, the peppery taste of the gin didn’t go with the fruity notes in the champagne and lemons.

    I much prefer Plymouth in cocktails.