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Dry Fly Gin

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spirits-dry-fly-1109-lNose: Dry Fly is a nice, light gin. There’s a slight sweetness and flowery note to the nose, with traces of citrus and coriander and some other mineraly scent I can’t quite place.

Taste: It’s a smooth, sweet, and floral to the taste. Some citrus peel and some astringency, but only mildly so. It does taste a bit like the wheat from which it’s made. I’m tempted to say it has some rye taste to it, but perhaps that’s some caraway in the botanicals suggesting the rye bread. It’s only 80 proof, so it goes down easier than many other gins, and there’s no real warmth let alone burn. It has a soft, silky, almost soapy feel in the mouth like soft water or cilantro tastes sometimes cause.

Finish: The finish is mostly clean and very smooth, with some mineraliness and a little bit of a resiny taste that lingers.

Notes: This would be a very good gin for a hot day out in the sun, and would make a very nice gin & tonic, and not a bad martini with a twist of citrus. It’s a very easy drinking gin and one that is easy for those who aren’t used to drinking gin to adopt.

Dry Fly Gin, (Dry Fly Distillery, Spokane, Washington), 80 proof, $28.95 at Oregon Liquor Stores

(Sample provided by Mr. Boozenik’s wallet)


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