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Imbue is a Oregon-produced small batch vermouth crafted from excess Willamette Valley Pinot Gris and Oregon brandy; a testament to drinkable sustainability.

Nose: It has a semi-sweet nose, with sour apple and a hint of tarragon adding additional notes to the sweet-and-sour aroma. It reminds the palate more of grape skins and grape leaves than of the juice of the fruit.

Taste: At first taste, I notice a little earth and tartness like a Granny Smith apple, with some nuttiness and mineral and salt coming in afterward; a slight bitterness adds complexity. Imbue engages the salivary glands like an aperitif should.

Finish: There is some bitter all the way through to the aftertaste, along with a lingering tart/sour sensation. The finish is slightly astringent, but not so much as to be off-putting.

Notes: I’ve mixed Imbue in what I’ve called the Oregroni, along with Calisaya and Aviation Gin, two other fine Oregon spirits. I plan to try it in more martini-like cocktails in the future, and also as a substitute for Quina (Kina) in cocktails like the Vesper. Hmmm, an O-(Oregon)-0-7 anyone?

Imbue Vermouth, (Imbue Cellars, Carlton, Oregon) 33 proof, $24.00

(Sample provided by Mr. Boozenik’s wallet)


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