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Macchu Pisco

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For those not familiar with Pisco, it’s what I would describe as a rustic form of brandy. It’s often not aged or mellowed for long, so more of the character of the original ingredients, and less of the copper’s work, is demonstrated. In the case of Macchu Pisco, the raw materials are a single non-aromatic grape (Quebranta), and the water of the Ica Valley of Peru. The spirit is handmade, although the grapes are stomped by foot, and it’s produced in a traditional copper pot still. It is rested, but only for three months. Also of note is that the spirit is made from the first pressing of the grapes, only.

Nose: Earthy, grape peel, musty, light grapefruit, trace of alcohol.

Taste: Fairly heavy bodied and rather viscous, with a vegetal/mineral flavor much like some grappas, some white pepper as well. Oddly, I also get a hint of roasted agave. It’s a touch warm, a little bitter, with earthiness, tarragon and minerals rounding out the taste.

Finish: On the finish there’s more white pepper, more minerals, more earthiness, a little wood and honey, and a mildly bitter and slightly tannic dryness.

Notes: Of course the Pisco Sour should be tried, but truth be told I don’t like egg whites in my cocktails, so I made mine simply with fresh lime juice and a bit of simple syrup. I would think other cocktails using citrus, like a Rickey, Collins, or Sidecar, would also do nicely.

Macchu Pisco, (Macchu Pisco LLC, Ica Valley, Peru) 80 proof, $22.99 on Drink Up NY.

(sample provided by Macchu Pisco)

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