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New Amersterdam Gin

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Clear long legs on the glass. Not sure if its glycerin or residual sugars.

Nose: Nose is fundamentally orange with more of the blossom than the orange oil from the peel. There is a slight sharpness to it once you get used to the orange, and that may be juniper or some other astringent. The nose overall is very sweet, soft, smooth and flowery.

Taste: First taste is of orange peel and orange oil. It’s sweet almost to the point of candy and soft almost to the point of a producing a soapy mouthfeel. After that it has a sweetness. Then a touch of sharp astringency comes in that seems to be juniper, rosemary, or some other similar evergreen taste. However, that taste is far eclipsed by an overwhelming orange flavor, which builds on the palate to the point of tasting almost PEZ-like.

Finish: It’s a bit low proof for a gin, 80 proof, which helps with the smoothness and softness. There’s a touch of graininess to it, more on the finish than anything else, but not enough to make it obvious from what it’s made.

Notes: I think I’d only want this in a cocktail that’s fairly dilute, otherwise the orange blossom nose would be a bit overpowering and the orange taste may dominate a cocktail. We tried one of their suggested recipes, which was a tall cooler, and we both thought it made a nice summer drink, but I don’t think I’d want this gin in an up drink.

New Amersterdam Gin, (New Amsterdam Spirits Company, Modesto, California); 80 proof, $13.99.

(Sample provided by New Amsterdam Spirits)

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