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Review: Piscología Pisco Acholado

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Piscología Pisco Achlado is a typical acholado pisco, blending quebranta, torontel, and italia grapes. We sampled a bottle from batch number 3, and it was one of only 820 made in that batch, so we’re fairly lucky to have even seen this in the U.S.

Nose: light alcohol, green apple, white grape juice, flowering lime, sweet, tinge of sour, touch of mango, dry Riesling wine, dolmades.

Taste: Has a definite initial bite, but it’s not especially warm, after the bite. A trace of bitter, but fairly well balanced between sweet and sour, lots of minerals and salts, some honey, dried orange peel, plantain, bitter lime, grape skin, dried currant, date, touch of mango, and green tea.

Finish: Black pepper, orange pith, strong minerals, continuing saltiness, working toward earthy and vegetal, strong black tea, bit of darkly toasted bread, grape skin and continuing sour apple, and grape leaf.

Piscología Pisco Achlado has some strong flavors and would do well in cocktails with other strong ingredients. It also makes a very nice pisco sour.

Piscología Pisco Achlado (Made in Ica, Peru, imported by Topa Spirits, San Diego, CA) $35


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