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Review: Vesica Vodka

October 15, 2011 by  
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A relative newcomer to the United States from Poland, Vesica Vodka is three times column distilled and filtered through activated carbon and finally clarified using a “ceramic candle process”. Vesica takes a fair amount of pride in their vodka and their process, and present their spirit with an interesting geometric and artistic take on bottling, by creating interlocking and stand-alone bottles that form a vesica piscis shape.

Nose: sweet, light alcohol, not much else present. Quite simple.

Taste: rather clean, with a definite sweetness and mild warmth. It feels fairly smooth and silky, and is rather light bodied. Other flavor notes include walnut, earth, a touch of sour and pepper, and even traces of mint.

Finish: Gently warm and tingly, with lingering pepper and a slight bitter eventually, but mostly warm and smooth and sweet.

This is a very good vodka, at an outstanding price. I can see using it in most any vodka-based cocktail. At the price point you shouldn’t need to only use it in cocktails that showcase the vodka. While Vesica is nice enough to deserve that, it’s priced so you can do most anything with it.

On the bottling, I like the namesake presentation of the interlocking 750ml and 1L bottles. The 1.75L bottle is a beast to pour from, though, so I’d suggest restricting those to below the bar to use to refill the more manageable sizes, as we do.

Vesica Vodka, (produced in Poland, imported by Adamba Imports International, Brooklyn, NY) $12, 750ml

(Sample provided by Vesica Vodka.)

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