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Small’s Gin

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This is another Oregon spirit we were fortunate to happen across when we attended the Northwest Spirits and Mixology Show in Portland this past summer.

Nose: On the nose, Small’s Gin imparts sweet scents of juniper, cardamom, orange and lemon peels with a slight alcohol burn. There’s also a hint of mineral character to the nose, which seems a bit unusual.

Taste: The first taste has some juniper, but that is followed by a strong flavor of cardamom, some saltiness, and a follow-through of the same mineral character found in the nose.

Finish: The mineral notes impart an interesting finish on the palate, and mingle with flavors of a cardamom-spiced and sweet anise aftertaste. This gin also has an almost fruity taste at times.

Notes: While Ransom lists juniper, orange, lemon, coriander, cardamom, angelica, caraway, star anise, and raspberry as ingredients, the pronounced flavor that comes through is cardamom.

Small’s Gin, (Ransom Spirits, Sheridan, Oregon) 86 proof, $25.30

(Sample provided by Mr. Boozenik’s wallet)


One Response to “Small’s Gin”
  1. Mks57v says:

    Had a gin and tonic made with Small’s.  Sensational!  The basic gin/tonic was there but it was made beautiful and sensuous by the exotic flavors embroidered onto it by the cardomon and other spices that are infused into the gin.  Try it, you’ll like it Mikey did.