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Left Coast Libations Spirited Dinner

August 3, 2011 by  
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The Left Coast Libations spirited dinner was a fun circus of East Coast vs. Left Coast smack talk, antics, and bartending talent, and a trip through Ted Munat’s fairly scary mind.

This was one of the larger “Spirited Dinners” at Tales of the Cocktail 2011, probably 3x larger than the more intimate one we went to the previous year. But where the food at G. W. Fins was as fine as the year before, the cocktails were actually better, and with a floor show, to boot.

For each course, we received a cocktail from the East Coast, and one from the Left Coast, to compare and contrast technique in matching flavors with the foods, and in bringing some showmanship to the stage. Smack talk, spitting fire, and other zaniness ensued.

Sadly, I don’t have photos or video of Don Lee lighting the sidewalk on fire. But I do have photos of sippy cups used for our final cocktail of the evening.

For further examples of the propaganda and shenanigans between friends, here are a couple more shots which help cartoon-ize Ted’s avowed tongue-in-cheek stance.

For further exposure to this man and his thinking, checkout his super cool Left Coast Libations book, and watch our first experience with Mr. Munat from back in 2010.

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