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House Spirits Krogstad Aquavit

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First, a disclaimer: I’ve been drinking Linea for quite some time, and Aalborg and other less palatable aquavits/akvavits, too, in part to pretend to get in touch with my Danish heritage. This has been a mistake. I should have waited for this aquavit before embarking on such an effort/affectation, because all of the others are just too much like licking a piece of rye bread. And I verified that by having a sip of each of the others in my freezer side by side with the Krogstad. But I digress…

The Krogstad has a very different scent and feel from the other aquavits and I find it more appealing all around. It starts with a heavy nose of caraway and some sweetness from anise. There’s a slight burn on the sip, with hits on the sides and back of the tongue, and a gentle burn down the throat. It leaves a lingering sweetness and it seems there’s some white pepper in the taste along with the caraway and anise. I like it on its own, chilled, or also in a Negroni variant, and am looking forward to finding other ways to enjoy it.

Krogstad doesn’t have the tradition or the wooden cask aging of the Linea, but it will continue with a place in my fridge or freezer long after the last of the Linea and the Aalborg is gone.

$24.80 [750ML] Specs Online.

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