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Dirty as the Gulf of Mexico Martini

April 17, 2010 by  
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Tasting New Deal Distillery’sHot Monkey Pepper Vodka caused me to try to create what I think is a Dirty as the Gulf of Mexico. Here’s an off-the-cuff recipe that we came up with and enjoyed last night:

Dirty as the Gulf of Mexico

3 oz. New Deal Hot Monkey Vodka
2 Tbs. Olive Brine (all the better if the olives are stuffed with garlic or cheese to further “pollute” the drink)
1 Tsp. Lime Juice

chilesShake, rather than stir. This would be in violation of Nathan Gerdes, a bartender here in Portland, who is otherwise quite reasonable with his passionate shaken vs. stirred guidelines, but we’re going for a sea foam feel here.

Garnish with a stuffed olive or two, maybe throw in a Gibson onion, and really any other flotsam that turns you on.

Next experiment I think I’ll try adding a tiny bit of tequila.

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