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Deco Silver Rum

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Deco Silver Rum is the base for the Deco Coffee Rum which we reviewed previously, as well as their Ginger Rum which we hope to also review, soon.

Nose: The nose has some light, but noticeable alcohol, with a touch of molasses, and hints of raspberry. The scent is somewhat jammy, with hints of mango.

Taste: More cane sugar than molasses, but both flavors are present. It’s a bit chewy and vegital, with hints of orange, banana, clove, allspice and nutmeg.

Finish: The finish is a much lighter version of the funkiness common to Jamaican and Trinidad rums, with minerals in the fore palate, and slight bitterness and a fair amount of warmth once it hits the throat.

Notes: It doesn’t quite fit any one rum tradition (Spanish, Jamaican, Agricole, etc.), so that makes usage recommendations a bit harder. It’s far funkier and chewier than a Puerto Rican or Nicaraguan rum, but doesn’t have the body, nor the forceful personality of a Jamaican. That in mind, I’d suggest starting with stalwarts like the Mai Tai, and others featuring citrus like the mojito and the Hemingway Daiquiri.

Deco Silver Rum (Deco Distilling, Portland, OR) 80 proof, $20

(Sample provided by Deco Distilling.)

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