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Lovejoy Hazelnut by Integrity Spirits

May 3, 2010 by  
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lovejoy-hazelnutThere’s a faint nuttiness to the nose, and a slight trace of alcohol. The nuttiness wins, but only barely, as both are fairly subdued.

At first taste, a smooth, almost sweet nuttiness comes through, with only a hint of burn at the end from the vodka. The finish has a lingering nuttiness, slight bitterness, a bit of warmth, and basically is very soft and smooth. It’s definitely not in the sweet liqueur category, but is not bad sipped on its own.

The lack of sweetness gives it versatility for a savory cocktail as well as in dessert drinks. The nuttiness can give depth to some herb-based cocktail, or melded with a brandy. Naturally, it would also work well with the more typical pairings of chocolate and/or coffee.

Now to come up with a Nutella cocktail, by combining with Mud Puddle made a few blocks north.

$24.45 [750ML] Oregon State Liquor Stores.

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