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Novo Fogo Silver Cachaça

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Cachaça is either a rum or a cousin of rum, depending on your definitions. Most are rather hot, and frankly require a ton of lime and sugar to make them palatable.

Then there is the team behind Novo Fogo Silver Cachaça, who take the care to certify their single-distilled cachaça as USDA Organic, and then take a step even further toward sustainability by hand wrapping the necks of their recycled glass bottles with recycled potato sacks. You would rightfully think this was a cachaça apart from the norm; it is.

Nose: The nose reminds a touch of a bananas foster, with clear ripe banana notes and scents of brown sugar and molasses. Some floral lime, earthiness and vegetal/grass notes are also present. There is a touch of alcohol on the nose, but it doesn’t stray into harsh territory.

Taste: The taste is full and sweet and earthy, with banana, brown sugar, Brazil nuts, and a touch of roasted red pepper with a flavor profile somewhere between sweet red bells and hot paprika.

Finish: A lingering balance of fresh cane sugar and sea salt.

Notes: This is one of the very few sippable cachaças I have tried. I look forward to using it in caipirinhas, and in other cocktails using cachaça or agricole rums, as well. An excellent spirit.

Novo Fogo Silver Cachaça, (Agroecológica Marumbi SA, Morretes PR, Brazil) 80 proof, $28.95 in Oregon Liquor Stores

(Sample provided by Novo Fogo)


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