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Review: Glacier Potato Vodka

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Glacier Potato Vodka

Glacier Potato Vodka is a hand-crafted, column-distilled potato vodka from Rigby, Idaho. Unlike some other high-altitude Western spirits, and odd, given the name, this vodka is made with well water, not snow (or glacier) melt, so there is definite character of the geology imparted on the finished product.

Nose: noticeable alcohol, but not hot, somewhat nutty, with some chalk and cement scents. Overall slightly sweet and a touch earthy. Since it’s a potato vodka, obviously the typical grainy or bready notes are absent.

Taste: Initial taste is quite sweet which suggests that this may be rounded. Somewhat viscous. There’s some very light apple and pear, black pepper, and like the nose some slightly chalky notes. It has a bit of a bitter bite, like some Russian vodkas.

Finish: Warm, with a clear mineral character, clay, salty and oddly somewhat metallic. Sweetness lingers, but while it’s not “hot” with alcohol, there’s a bit of harshness to the aftertaste.

Those searching for a smooth, zero personality vodka would be best served looking elsewhere. This one has a lot of mineral character which may work well in some cocktails, but I’d suggest a touch of care, and perhaps a touch of vermouth, rather than tonic or juices.

One additional note: Given that it is made from potatoes, those with gluten intolerance can drink it with no worries. Although, to be fair, according to Celiac.Com ( vodkas distilled from grain generally should be safe, as well.

Glacier Potato Vodka (Teton Glacier Distillers, Rigby, ID) 80 proof $21


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  1. Alex says:

    aren’t most vodkas made of grain these days? (like your Absolut, for exalpme) you’d actually pay a premium for a potato vodka (like Luksusowa). and yes, they do taste much better.


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