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Review: Gran Classico

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Gran Classico is a Swiss bitter based on an original 1864 amaro from Turin, Italy using wormword, gentian, bitter orange peel, rhubarb, other aromatic plants to create a potion for aperitivo, digestivo, or mixing.

Nose: Complex herbal nose, trace of honey, dried bitter orange peel, star anise, wet wool, gentian, thyme.

Taste: Thick, heavy, sweet and honey-like, with rhubarb, gentian, dried bitter orange peel, coriander, star anise, and ginger. Earthy and bittersweet.

Finish: Long lingering bitterness, with lingering honey but fading sweetness, spices fade slowly, with salts and other minerals appearing late on the finish

This can makes an interesting variant on a Negroni w/ Gordon’s or Beefeater, and Cinzano Rosso, but be warned that this will have a much heavier and earthier feel, unless you depart from the standard 1:1:1 proportions. Another suggested use is what I’ve heard called “Italian Style” diluted heavily with sparkling water.

Gran Classico Bitter (imported from Switzerland by Tempus Fugit Spirits, Petaluma, CA) 56 proof, $30


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