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Review: Pisco Oro Quebranta

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Peruvian pisco is a moderately regulated spirit, with the distillate from only certain regions, and only eight* varieties of grapes being allowed to be labelled as “pisco”. Most pisco distillers typically make one, or maybe a couple variations. Most make an acholado, or blend of typically 2-4 grapes, while some also make a “puro” single grape variety. Oro stands out as distinctly different from the norm of piscos available in the U.S., in that they make puro piscos from six of the eight possible grapes, as well as an acholado and some mosto verde variants as well. It makes for an impressive tasting, side-by-side, as I got to enjoy at Tales of the Cocktail last year. For this review, I’m going to restrict myself to talking about the Quebranta.

Nose: Minerals, grapes, grape must, light honey, wet grass, slate, slightly woody, softly floral, lime blossom, orange juice.

Taste: At the very first, very lightly sweet, then a bit of a bite. Has strong minerals, some grape and bitter lemon, lime peel, a bit of lime juice, earth and clay. A touch woody, slightly nutty, vegetal, with grapefruit peel, black pepper, and cardamom also showing up. It’s slightly bitter and warming.

Finish: Finish is a bit saline, woody, vegetal, and slightly warm in the throat, with current, raisin, a bit of date, some thyme, and white pepper. The bitterness and warmth linger, as the rest fade.

While Quebranta pisco has less nose than other “aromatic” piscos, this one still bring a fair bit of personality. Cocktails that play up the bitter citrus or the grapefruit flavors would do well. Pomegranate, chile peppers (thinking Aji, Thai, or Serrano), and herbs such as cilantro or basil each would complement nicely. Of course, this also would make a very nice Pisco Sour.

Pisco Oro Quebranta, (Bodegas Viñas de Oro, El Carmen, Chincha, Ica, Peru) $38
Imported into the Clear Grape LLC

* The grape varieties allowed in Peru are:

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