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Review: Tub Gin

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While many of the new gin makers in the U.S. are making what is often calls “New American Gin”, the makers of TuB seem quite content to make what is close to an old style “London Dry Gin”, albeit with western six-shooter art.

Nose: Moderately strong juniper, lemon peel and pith, grassy, with some floral/perfume components, probably from the oris root. It has notable alcohol in the nose, not quite enough to call harsh, but strong.

Taste: Rather strong juniper, quite mineral laden, with lime peel and a lesser amount of lemon peel, some coriander, and lots of cardamom. It’s slightly bitter, and also has a slight traces of cinnamon, and weirdly enough, fresh blackberries. I’m not sure what grains are used in the mash, but it is a warm spirit, suggesting rye, but with hints of barley and buckwheat.

Finish: Lingering, medicinal, with fairly heavy juniper, cardamom, and black pepper notes lasting quite a while.

A perfectly reasonable, albeit very juniper forward gin. This would make a fine tonic, but I’d think an over-pungent martini. I’d use in drinks with some additional citrus, especially grapefruit, to complement, and balance out, the juniper-heavy nature. I’ve got a cocktail idea which I think also features this gin well, and will post, once it’s refined enough to be ready to come out of the lab.

TuB Gin, (Peach Street Distillers, Palisade, CO) 80 proof $30


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