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Tequila Ocho Plata 2010

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The year matters. Tequila Ocho harvests a single estate each year. This particular sample was from Rancho Corrales, and was bottled in 2009, and released in 2010. The tequila you get next year will have come from a different estate with different soil, and this one won’t be seen again until the newly replanted agave has grown for 10 years. Tequila Ocho puts their emphasis on the terrior, and having previously tasted some of their other vintages from other estates, there are definite differences to be had and enjoyed.

Nose: Earthy and somewhat clay-like scent mingled with smoke, charcoal, ash, agave, pepper, and an alcohol note best allowed to dissipate for a moment.

Taste: Semi-sweet with a prominent roasted agave flavor, also roasted bell pepper, and strong notes of earth, clay, minerals, and salt, with a trace of white pepper.

Finish: Lasting smoke and ash, lingering sweet pepper fading to semi-dry and a touch astringent, mineral and iron characteristics come out with a lingering warmth.

Notes: A very interesting, contemplative tequila, with a lot of interesting characteristics, and quite enjoyable neat. As for cocktails, avoid most of the traditional ones, since they were designed to bury poor tequila, and you would be wasting this. Instead have a lighter hand with other components, so you don’t miss out on all the flavors at work, or use this with other spirits to add some particular characteristic such as ash or earth to a cocktail you are crafting.

Tequila Ocho Plata (Silver) 2010, (Agave De Rancho Corrales, Mexico), 80 proof, $72.55

(Sample provided by Tequila Ocho)

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