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Treaty Oak Platinum Rum

April 9, 2010 by  
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TreatyOakRumSweet vanilla nose with a bit of caramel candy. Smells like dessert.

The taste profile is less sweet and not as cloying to palate as I might have suspected from the nose and from the thick syrupy feel as I sip it. Afterward, a bit of bitter earthiness settles in. That may be the Texas Hill Country water. There’s not a long aftertaste, with only a very slight vanilla and slight burn on the finish. It’s not a harsh rum, just one that finishes with a touch of warmth. There’s no dryness or woodiness to this apparently non-aged rum, and like almost any white rum, it would make a nice mojito, or traditional daiquiri, or some dessert cocktail with chocolate to mix with the vanilla notes. This is also a white rum that could even be sipped straight, which is not common for white rums. But this one can stand on its own.

As an interesting aside, the rum begins with molasses from the last operating sugar mill in Texas. I assume that’s the Imperial Sugar Company in Sugar Land, Texas, which still refines sugar imported from Hawaii, Louisiana, and Puerto Rico.

Now, to figure how to get it in Oregon, when this bottle runs out.

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