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Tales of the Cocktail: Pisco Preview

July 23, 2012 by  
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As you’ve probably noted following our site, and our Facebook page, we Boozeniks are pretty big fans of pisco. We’ve reviewed 5 piscos, with hopefully more on the way, and featured it in several cocktails. (See all our reviews and cocktails here).

This year we’re especially looking forward to a couple events at Tales of the Cocktail aimed at furthering our knowledge, and our palate, for pisco, the spirit of the Andes:

  • Tuesday: Portón’s Glacial MasqueradeJoin Portón a masquerade by the pool with cocktails, authentic bites, Peruvian beats, and festive masks.

  • Wednesday: Pisco Pavilion come and taste some of the spirits which are making pisco one of the fastest growing categories in the U.S.

  • Thursday: Pisco Wars: Peru vs. Chile since 1613 for a trip through the history of the two nations where pisco can be made, as they battle it out for who makes the best.

If you’re in New Orleans for Tales, follow the links above to get more info, and tickets where applicable. Otherwise you’ll have to wait for our report!

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