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Novo Fogo Gold Cachaça

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Novo Fogo Gold Cachaça shares some similarities with wood-aged rums and rum-relatives. But, since it is made from the same base as the Novo Fogo Silver Cachaça, it also enjoys ecologically conscientious production, (USDA Organic certification, sustainable recycling and reuse in the packaging) and the same care with producing a smooth and flavorful resulting product, after its rest for two years in bourbon casks.

Nose: Ripe banana, brown sugar, butter toffee, earth, cinnamon, vanilla and a light hint of alcohol.

Taste: Mmmm. Smooth, brown sugar, banana, vanilla, butter toffee, most of the same flavors that come across in the nose. Again, like the base spirit, a taste of bananas Foster.

Finish: The finish embraces the palate with a wonderful balance of salt, and a light lingering honey. There are notes of oak mellowed by the sweetness of the bourbon that formerly inhabited the cask where it rested for two years. A touch of earth on the taste and the finish, as well as lingering flavors of cinnamon and a whisper of lingering warmth. An excellent spirit.

Novo Fogo Gold Cachaça, (Agroecologica Marumbi Sa, Morretes, PR, Brazil), 80 Proof, $33.95 in Oregon Liquor Stores

(Sample provided by Novo Fogo)

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